Biomeridian Testing

The technology found in the BioMeridian combines the life work of two phenomenal doctors. Dr. Reckeweg spent his life documenting the 6 phases of 600 different conditions and their progression. The other, Dr. Reinhold Voll documented the acupressure points, that when measured, accurately show the functions of the tissues and organs associated with that point. With several advances in computers and measuring devices, inventors at BioMeridian have produced a truly phenomenal way of helping patients not only know where they stand, but provide natural remedies that encourage a balance for any patient. Now in under an hour, a patient may be tested using a small current (not a shock) on Voll’s 60 acupressure points that measure the resistance of the tissues and combine them with Reckweg’s phases of progression of conditions. This gives the patient an easy to read graph showing where they stand in their overall health. It then allows the provider to use the software to match up the best nutritional choices available from whole food supplements or herbs. Results of the changes may be monitored as often as weekly in severely ill patients (such as those with life threatening conditions) or less often for those that just want to monitor changes to their health. Now the doctor gets a report card on both himself and the patient. If the patient has been compliant  with the doctor’s instructions, the results will be beneficial. Non-compliance on the part of the patient will show as well. In addition, the doctor can monitor the result of his recommendations and adjust to optimize results.

It is enlightening for patients to see their progress on paper. One female patient has been battling rheumatoid arthritis with debilitating changes to her joints over the last 2 years. Her initial BioMeridian check gave her the opportunity to see graphed verification of her improvement. For her, there was peace of mind in knowing where she stood and what directions to take in order to resolve her difficult condition. Now she can monitor her progress from a repeatable and measurable procedure with a high degree of accuracy. Think about all those that desire to measure their progress to health when they have cancer, or heart disease? We can now monitor a patient for early detection of a disease process and help them before the body begins to deteriorate. There is nothing else available anywhere that measures more of the body’s functions than the BioMeridian technology. 


A: Biomeridian testing is a noninvasive method used to assess the energy meridians (channels) of the body, and it can tell you:

• The functional status of your meridians and their related organs, systems, or functions, by determining if they are stressed, balanced, or weakened, and by how much.

• Which specific nutritional products will bring your unbalanced meridians back to balance.

• If a product you have in hand will bring you to balance.

• If you have specific sensitivities to foods, molds pollens, etc.

• If you have spinal misalignments interfering with your meridian energy flow, and their location.


A: This test would benefit anyone interested in examining and improving the functional energetic status of their own bodies. This applies to those who are unwell and looking to improve their health as well as those who have no diagnosable illness but would like to optimize their current state of health and possibly prevent future negative health issues.