Frequently Asked Questions

If your methods at Borealis works, why don’t more people know about it?

More people are learning about Naturopathic and other Natural health treatments every day, that is why Naturopathic & Natural Health treatments are growing exponentially.

How come my medical doctor didn’t recommend the same remedy?

Medical doctors have to stick to what they are allowed to prescribe.  If it isn’t approved they cant recommend it.

How much will the whole thing cost me?

The cost varies depending on how many supplements you need.  We keep it down to the most essential remedies.

In the case of RMT, Acupuncture and Coaching we do have set rates and packages available.  Please contact our office for details.

Is it covered under OHIP or my insurance?

We are not covered under OHIP; if you have an extended health care plan you should check with the insurer as most extended health care plans cover a certain amount per visit up to a maximum amount. 

What experience have you had with my specific condition?

We have experience with most conditions, however at Borealis we treat the person not the condition.  A condition is just a label.

Are the supplements covered under insurance?

The supplements are generally not covered under most extended health care plans. But some do cover it, please check with your insurer. 

How long will the treatment take?

We can not tell how long the treatment will take, every one is different. Once we identify the underlying issue we will have a better idea of how long it may take to treat the issue.